September 21, 2008 / Posted by: bentreebuilders
  • Kristy Petree: Co-Owner/Founder of BenTree Builders, Inc.

Kristy obtained a B.A. in Political Science from Texas State University.  She acquired her real estate broker license after being inspired by her mother who is a top real estate broker in West Texas.  Her father, a securities broker, helped Kristy learn and create her first financial portfolio while in college. After college she began selling real estate and started her first venture, The Petree Group, in 1996. At the age of 26 she opened her first independently owned franchise
and began building her first high end home.

For BenTree she deals with the day to day operations, supervises construction sights and negotiates contracts. Her extensive background in business enables her to effectively oversee the financial aspects of the corporation.  Her unbelievable drive and unique ability to accomplish difficult task in this demanding profession has been a great asset to BenTree Builders.

  • Sandra Bennett: Co-Owner/Founder of BenTree Builders, Inc.

Sandra completed her BS & Masters Degrees at Northeast Louisiana University, in Monroe, Louisiana.  While obtaining her degrees, she worked for an interior design firm and several builders, which is where she discovered she was intrigued with construction and design. She also recalls time with her grandfather, an engineer, watching him scale and draw and meticulously lay out his work.  He was quiet the handyman and of course he allowed her to be his “right hand man”. It was there, on part of her grandfather’s land, that she later co-developed a small subdivision.

After fifteen years in the field of education, teaching and coaching at Westlake and Georgetown ISDs, she was again drawn back toward construction and design.  She and Kristy have developed a cherished friendship and working relationship with the highly acclaimed designer, “Beau Theriot”. They attribute much of their interest and respect for the Old World and Mediterranean Designs to Beau’s unbelievable creativity and ability to intertwine the architectural past with modern day ingenuity. BenTree’s latest design was inspired by a French Chateau from the
Beaux Arts architectural era (1885-1920).

Sandra dearly loves going to work each day, from the first design idea, to the weeks of scaling and drawing, to the excitement of watching their dreams unfold…stick by stick…stone by stone.

It makes her tick!